Rise above the confusion….the chatter in your head about what business is and what spirit is all about.

Clarify and resolve the self-doubt and old outdated beliefs about how business works.

Put all the pieces of business in a perspective that includes your spiritual nature so that it FLOWS better.

Learn to tap into natural abundance and run your business so that it flows from this truth. It’s possible you know!

This Masterclass is designed to answer key questions you have about how to combine your spiritual journey/personal development with your business.

⦿  Abundance mindset – ever wonder what that is or how to bring it within your business?

⦿  Would you love a way to merge your spiritual awakening and your self-development with your business dreams and goals?

⦿  Are you overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make in your business – and knowing which ones are the “right” ones?

⦿  Are you tired of struggle? Lack? Working really hard?

⦿  Do you wonder where FLOW is and how you can FLOW with business?

⦿  What is a ‘spiritual’ way of ‘selling’ your products and services?

⦿  Are you overwhelmed by the volume of business advice landing in your inbox?

⦿  Can a marketing plan reflect your higher self and how does your ‘higher self’ express within your business?

Your mind is a habit built from how you were taught to do things.

Allow us to guide you on how to blend what you’ve learned in your spiritual journey with your business.

There are new rules for a business that are rooted in natural abundance. As an entrepreneur, we invite you to bring these new attitudes into your business on a daily basis.

Join us for this 12 week journey to shift critical mindsets that can make your business run more smoothly, resolve stress, allow you to more fully find the JOY in what you are doing and to feel connected to the meaning of your journey.

Up-leveling your business means challenging old habits and creating new ones!

Learn to live and work from a higher frequency mindset…

Heather Elliott

Tricia Rande

Join us for this 12-week Masterclass where you will:

✔  Discover your limiting beliefs, ideas, and rules that influence your business – and learn strategies to transcend them

✔  Understand what abundance mindset is and begin to align with it in very concrete ways

✔  Get to know your Higher Self and how she expresses in your life and your business

✔  Create real integrity in your business so that your marketing, your sales and the way you do business is a reflection of your highest ideal for yourself

✔  Align with like-minded women who are here to support and encourage you, where your questions get answered and where you are helped to make the shifts to your business that will allow it to flourish

✔  Align your business with your heart so that it becomes an expression of your high vibrational being

✔  Master your internal dialogue and learn to pay attention to your inner guidance system

✔  Make good decisions consistently – decisions you feel really good about

✔  Develop an unshakable impeccability

✔  Reshape your business using the new rules of spirit

✔  Develop marketing that speaks to the real ‘you’

Structure of the 12 Week Program

⦿  Weekly thought processes and assigned exercises designed to accelerate your journey toward a thriving business with flow

⦿  Lessons and exercises provided on the group website – some mandatory for best results and discussion, some optional

⦿  Supplementary videos and material to support the learning taking place, replays of our sessions

⦿  Weekly accountability, sharing and discussion on weekly calls

⦿  Ongoing support  for all three months in a Facebook group

⦿  Participants will be selected ensuring the best experience for all

⦿  Maximum Group Size – 8


Next Dates – TBD

Current Masterclass ends April 19th.


$597 CAD/month OR
1-time fee of $1500 CAD

Weekly ~ 3 hours

(90 minute live calls and approximately 60-90 minutes of lessons/homework)

This program IS for you if you:

✔  Follow a spiritual path or a path of personal growth

✔  Are open to experiencing the power of group to constructively impact your personal and business growth

✔  Feel that there must be an easier/better way to do business

✔  Want to feel ‘more in the flow’

✔  Endeavor or want to follow an ‘inner path’ but are unsure or unclear how to find it/maintain it more consistently

✔  Want greater confidence in abundance mindset and how to translate that into action

✔  Want better, more consistent ways to get results

✔  Desire to connect your business to your spiritual purpose or higher self

✔  Want to really SHINE

✔  Are just curious about what is possible…

This Masterclass has already started. Please get in touch or sign up for the waitlist below…