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Heather Elliott

Heather Elliott is an international speaker in the area of mindset, self-awareness and human potential.

Her modern age philosophies empower others to embody transformation, truth and inner freedom.

Heather shares her knowledge and wisdom through her writings, coaching and speaking on the stages of the world. She’s a master at expressing a deep and profound message and delivering it with absolute simplicity and clarity that anyone can relate to.

Since 2005 she has used the Mindful Change technique to help over 1000 people uncover and permanently transform all manner of limiting mindset and emotional patterns that hold them back personally and professionally. She has done so with a greater than 98% success rate!

This journey has been a labor of love. Understanding how the MIND forms and how it works are the questions that have driven her work with clients and the passion that gives meaning to her life.

Helping others to transform themselves and their world – by changing only their mind – has shown her the keys to the kingdom of life by revealing the truth: life is the illusion and our minds are reality.

She now uses the knowledge she has acquired throughout her life’s journey to inspire, teach and raise awareness in the audiences of modern age thinkers.

Her focus is to educate people about who they are and how life works. She empowers people by teaching them simple principles they can use in their everyday lives to function as a creator of their world. She makes clear the TRUTH about who we are and how to create personal transformation.

A master with a deep and profound message, she delivers her knowledge through simple and clear messages and imagery.

“A flower’s naturally tendency is to bloom. Be the flower in your life with the right growing conditions”

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Tricia Rande

Tricia Rande is an instructional designer, teacher, and marketing consultant.

Her work with entrepreneurs has enabled her clients to experience their business with fun, flow, and freedom. She helps entrepreneurs transition from a 1-1 business to a 1-many business model sharing her knowledge of online course design, successful strategies for community-based membership sites, and how to focus on what matters.

With a background in managing an education charity, she brings her non-profit experience and philanthropic spirit to her work with socially conscious entrepreneurs who seek to have an impact. Since 2003 she has worked online, creating courses and programs with hundreds of organizations and business owners to help them reach bigger audiences and provide sustainable revenue while working less.

Her journey has taken her from teaching science in highschool classrooms to creating environmental and motivational education programs delivered by Olympic athletes to membership site design and online course development. She now inspires others to teach and share their brilliance with the world.

As a course and program designer, she encounters humble teachers and coaches – people who are brilliant at what they do, who achieve even more brilliant results for their 1-1 clients, but who still remain unknown or who have fewer clients than they desire to help. She has been on a mission of studying online marketing and observing what works for experts in this field, and more importantly WHY it works for them. When studying with her marketing mentors, she asked the question “What is it about THIS entrepreneur that made THIS strategy work?” She uses this depth of knowledge to help guide clients to the marketing and business strategies that are actually suitable for and aligned with them. No one has the perfect marketing plan or blueprint for you!

The Mindful Change training program has also helped Tricia implement personality dimensions in her client work as well as the knowledge of what limits entrepreneurs from their greatest success. Working with new and seasoned entrepreneurs (with high 5 figure monthly revenue), she has both observed and supported them through all stages of mindset shifts necessary to become highly successful business owners on their path to passive revenue and powerful impact.